Greetings from Hollow Hill!

Hollow Hill Family Portrait

We’d like to introduce you to our little family of spooks. We’re a husband and wife team living in Co. Fermanagh, N. Ireland.

Kevin: I am an artist with one foot firmly planted in Halloween all year round. My head is stuffed with images of Jack o’Lanterns, scarecrows, monsters and twisted old trees and they all come out in my artwork. You can check out more of my work on

Jo: I love helping bring Kevin’s designs to life in the lab. I print the shirts and mugs and make sure your orders are sent out with the help of my wee buddy Bodhi.

Bodhi: I love the trips to the Post Office with my mum. They dress me up in all their new designs but I don’t mind as they give me oranges and read me lots of stories.

Our love for Halloween has inspired these creations and we hope you too feel at home, here in Hollow Hill.

When we close up shop for the evening we can often be found playing in our horror punk band, Cadaver Club. We love scary films, crispy leaves and big coat weather. We are the Autumn People your mum warned you about.